Examउत्सव : How To Tackle Exam by Dr Hitendra Mehta

A) How to prepare before Exam

Exam day is last day but before that you have many school learning days. Be attentive in class. That prepares you 90% for the exams and also gives more time to play. 

Make your own notes in the margin of text books. Highlighting key words and margin notings will help in quick revision. It also helps in memorising the points well.

After receiving Exam Time table, split days on hand till exam days, earmarking each day for a subject. Allot days, sequencing last paper first. This way last days will coincide with the first paper before start of exam. 

Treat Exam as another class period. Visualise fun days after exams to inject relaxation if you feel tensed about exams. 

No need to worry about what you could not prepare well. Treat that as Option, you have consciously chosen to leave out. Let that unprepared part bog you down and spoil the preparation that you have already done for major part of syllabus. Focus on the PREPARED part, not on the UNPREPARED part.

A relaxed mind remembers well, retains well, writes well.

Memory is matrix of 3 important functions:

Memorising is not about cramming or learning by rote method. Such memorising will not last long. Memorise in an intelligent and sequential way, linking it to some event, date, name, place, person, thing,  etc. 

Three critical component of Memory processing are :

1. Observation : Whatever you read, ensure its seen fully by your eyes with an attentive mind. Observe with an intention to remember.

2.Retention : Whatever is observed or read need to be filed properly in Brain akin to filing of the important papers. One gives a title to physical file to know which papers are filed in it. Similarly, in mental filing of subject notes, develop some Title link (as one gives label to physical files) to remember the storage of subject files in memory.

3.Reproduction : Exam is all about capability to pull out the information from brain and reproducing it on the answer sheet. If you have observed (read) well, retained (filed) well, reproduction(answering in exam) should not be difficult. Creation of Links (mental tools) helps in a big way.

B) How to write Exam 

Relax before the start of writing paper. 

Have a quick cursory glance of whole Q paper. Don’t panic, if overall Q paper looks hard. Tick mark Qs that you can answer well.

Plan quickly the sequence of answering. Easier first, Harder last.

First answer less time consuming Objective questions.

Keep length of answer proportionate to the marks assigned to it.

Split the exam time in roughly two parts. Try to finish 50% of Q paper in each part. This helps in attempting the whole Q paper. 

Always write full paper. If time is short, mention key points. 

If there is a doubt or answer is not known, mark the question with pencil. Revisit same in last 10 minutes and answer as per best guesswork.

If you have some spare time after attending all pending points, beautify the answer sheet by drawing pencil lines after each answer. It gives clean and organised look.

Be cool. Remember, you are there to give your best. 

C) Tail Words

There is nothing like Failure which is often used as opposite of Success. In academics a student is called failed if he has not scored certain percentage of marks. 

Remember, threshold of certain percentage is an administrative convenience. No student ever studies to fail in exams. So failure should be redifined as an Attempted Success. It’s more positive word. Having said that, student must not turn lax in his sincerity and efforts to pass the exam. Sincere efforts always gives self satisfaction and lesser chance of regret at a later date.

Study well, be a topper, create your own autobiography!

Best wishes, 

Dr Hitendra Mehta 

M.B.A., IIM Lucknow Alumnus

Artist l Poet l Author l Activist l Influencer 

Recipient of Bharat Gaurav Samman Award, Paegent Award

Member – World Human Rights Protection Commission

Member – United Nations On line Volunteer Program

Member – Gates Insider ( Bill Gates personal blog) 

SEO – Govt of Maharashtra 

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  1. I have shared my personal experience which was evolved through experimenting during school days. It helped me to be a rankholder throughout school days. I still have few unbroken academic records since 1976.

    I will also students a happy learning and stress free exam time.

    Best wishes – Dr Hitendra Mehta


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